FB - Electrical

Etch Resistant Pen - Thick Thin - Red Blue Black
10pcs 50cm Crocodile Clip Leads
10pcs Test Hook Clips
Micro SD to USB Keyring
10 Sheets of Heat Toner Transfer Paper
Ou Bao PLCC IC Extractor Tool
0.8mm 100g Solder Roll - 2% Flux
IC Extractor Tool
5m 16mm Black PVC Tape
61x61mm Blue Solder Iron Sponge
51x32mm Yellow Solder Iron Sponge
75mm Copper Cleaning Sponge Sold out
385pcs 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing Set
Neutral PH Soldering Paste Sold out
3 Channel Servo Tester
XL830L Digital Multimeter
24MHz 8 Channel Logic Analyser