RFID Starter Kit ATmega328P Learning LCD (Arduino-Compatible)


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This kit is centered around the vastly popular microcontroller, offering projects to launch you from humble LEDs all the way to servos, RFID and LCD displays.
Based on the ATmega328P chipset this board is the entry level Arduino-compatible board. Featuring a socket for a AC-DC adapter that can power the board and supply more current then available from the USB connection. This allows you to use the board to power servos and large numbers of LEDs. The adapter should be 9 - 12V DC, 250mA or more, have a centre pin positive 2.1mm plug.
Offering a large range of input and outputs opens the board to be used in a large range of projects where the only limit is your imagination. The board can be connected up to all manner of sensors and switches as well as screens and LEDs, this allows for projects from automated watering systems to advanced robotics.
The board is programmed via the Arduino development software downloadable for FREE from their website. The software comes with a number of example codes to help introduce you to the system, we recommend trying the BLINK code example initially. If you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact us using one of the methods below.
Qty Part
1 ATmega328P Board (Arduino-Compatible)
1 USB Cable
40 Jumper Wires
1 Breadboard
10 Red LED
10 Blue LED
10 Green LED
10 220Ω Resistor
10 330Ω Resistor
10 1KΩ Resistor
10 10KΩ Resistor
1 10KΩ Variable Resistor
1 Active Buzzer
1 Passive Buzzer
1 74HC595N 16-pin Chipset
2 Jumper Pins
1 IR Receiver
4 Large Button Switches
2 Ball Tilt Sensors
3 Light Dependant Resistors
1 Flame Sensor
1 LM35 Temperature Sensor
1 IR Remote Control
1 1-Digit 7-Segment Display
1 4-Digit 7-Segment Display
1 8x8 LED Matrix
1 16x2 LCD Display
1 Stepper Driver Module
1 Stepper Motor
1 Joystick Module
1 Servo Motor
1 DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module
1 Water Droplet Sensor Module
1 RC522 RFID Module
1 RFID Card
1 RFID Key
1 Microphone Module
1 Relay Module
1 Clock Module
1 4x4 Tactile Switch Keypad
1 RGB LED Module
1 9V Battery Clip
1 830pt Breadboard

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