LC Technology PT2314 4 Channel Audio Processor Module

LC Technology

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    LC Technology
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    Does Not Apply
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  • Ouput Channels:
  • Input channels:
    4 Stereo
  • Noted Onboard Components:
    4 Channel sound processor
  • Noted Programmable/Interfaces:
    Selectable input gain
    Treble control
    Bass control
    1.25dB/Step Loudness control
    Mute function
This module is ideally suited to adding a control to your audio outputs. Connecting your audio inputs and a separate power 6 - 10V supply allows you to process an audio stream in preparation to be connected up to a pair of speakers. This module is ideal for situations where a source might need a little more bass, a little less treble and maybe be a touch louder.
Configuration is handled through a 2 pin I2C interface, available on a wide range of microcontrollers. The I2C address is 0x88. A full list of configuration settings is available in the datasheet.
As with all audio devices, noise can and will come from all manner of sources. To minimise the noise added through the amplifier a clean power source should be used. If you are unsure, connecting a 470µF Electrolytic capacitor to either side should help cut it out.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding the module's operation.
Pin Description
VCC Supply input voltage
GND Ground
R4 Right channel input 4
R3 Right channel input 3
R2 Right channel input 2
R1 Right channel input 1
L4 Left channel Input 4
L3 Left channel input 3
L2 Left channel input 2
L1 Left channel input 1
R Right speaker output 23
L Left speaker output
GND Speaker ground
SDA I2C Control data input
SCL I2C Clock input

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