LC Technology LD3320 Speech/Voice Recognition Module

LC Technology

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  • Brand:
    LC Technology
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    Does Not Apply
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:
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  • Module Power Rating:
    20/550mW Output
  • Format:
  • Sample:
    Chinese speech/Synthetic English characters
  • Noted Onboard Components:
    16-bit A/D converter
  • Noted Software Base/Features:
    Speaker-independent automatic speech recognition
This module is ideally suited to adding voice recognition to your project. Based around the LD3320 chipset, the module is able to interpret simple voice commands and compare it to stored values. Further to recognition, the module is able to provide playback to some extent, synthesising Chinese and English.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding the module's operation.
Pin Description
VDD 3.3V Supply
GND Ground
RST^ Reset Signal
MD LOW for parallel mode/HIGH for serial mode.
INTB^ Interrupt output signal
A0 Address or data selection for parallel mode. If HIGH P0-P7 indicates address low for data.
CLK Clock input for LD3320 (2-34 MHz).
RDB^ Read control signal for parallel input mode
CSB Chip select signal
WRB Write Enable (parallel input mode) / Connect to GND in serial mode
P0 Data bit 0 for parallel input mode / SDI pin in serial mode
P1 Data bit 1 for parallel input mode / SDO pin in serial mode
P2 Data bit 2 for parallel input mode / SDCK pin in serial mode
P3 Data bit 3 for parallel input mode
P4 Data bit 4 for parallel input mode
P5 Data bit 5 for parallel input mode
P6 Data bit 6 for parallel input mode
P7 Data bit 7 for parallel input mode
MBS Microphone Bias
MONO Mono Line In
LINL/LINR Stereo Line In (Left/Right)
HPOL/HPOR Headphone Output (Left/Right)
LOUL/LOUTR Line Out (Left/Right)
MICP/MICN Microphone Input (Pos/Neg)
SPOP/SPON Speaker Ouput (Pos/Neg)

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