Function Signal Generator DIY Kit


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  • Parts list:
    1 Clear acrylic case set
    1 Case screw set
    1 Base board
    3 Control knobs
    1 XR2206 Chipset
    1 16pin DIP Socket
    1 5.5mm (2.1mm centre) DC Power socket
    1 1K Resistor
    3 5.1K Resistor
    1 330Ω Resistor
    2 50K Rotary potentiometer
    1 100K Rotary potentiometer
    1 100µF Electrolytic capacitor
    2 10µF Electrolytic capacitor
    1 104 Capacitor
    1 105 Capacitor
    1 473 Capacitor
    1 222 Capacitor
    1 101 Capacitor
    1 3 Screw terminal
    1 2x5pin M-M 2.54mm black pin header
    1 2x2pin M-M 2.54mm black pin header
    2 2pin Jumper cap
  • Impedance:
  • Impedance Error:
  • Chipset MPN:
  • Clock Clock:
    1Hz - 1MHz
  • Output Waveforms:
    Sine, Square, Triangle
  • Amplitude:
    0-3V (Sine 9V DC)
    8V (Square 9V DC)
    0-3V (Triangle 9V DC)
  • Distortion:
    <1% (Sine 1kHz)
  • Flatness:
    +0.05dB (Sine 1Hz-100kHz)
  • Rise Time:
    <50ns (Square at 1kHz)
  • Fall Time:
    <30ns (Square at 1kHz)
  • Symmetry:
    <5% (Square at 1kHz)
  • Linearity:
    <1% (Triangle <100kHz)
  • Tool Type:
    Signal generator
This is a kit encompassing all the components of a kit for building a function generator. This is a DIY kit and as such will arrive unsoldered, the main board is well marked for easy construction. The kit makes ideal practice for hand soldering while resulting in a practical device useful for future electronic projects.
The generator is able to provide a range of signals and waves; Sine, Square, Rev, Saw, Triangle, ECG and Noise. All of which can be altered in offset and amplitude up to a frequency of 100kHz.
The kit requires powering using a 5.5mm (2.1mm centre) DC power jack commonly seen on laptop brick style chargers.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding the kits's use or construction.

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