Keyestudio Basic Starter Set


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    50cm USB - USB B Cable
    5 Blue LED
    5 Red LED
    5 Yellow LED
    1 RGB LED
    8 220Ω Resistors
    5 10KΩ Resistors
    5 1KΩ Resistors
    1 10KΩ Potential divider
    1 Active buzzer
    4 Micro switches
    2 Tilt ball switches
    3 Light dependant resistors
    1 Flame sensor
    1 LM35 Temperature sensor
    1 74HC595N Chip
    1 7 Segment LED unit
    1 4x7 Segment LED unit
    1 8x8 LED Matrix
    1 16x2 Blue LCD module
    1 IR Receiver
    1 IR Remote control
    1 Servo motor
    1 Passive buzzer
    1 40pcs Pin header
    1 MB102 830 Point breadboard
    30 Jumper wires
    1 6 Cell AA Battery pack
    1 Project box
This starter set is the ideal lauchpad into the wonderful world of electronics projects. A wide range of accesories are included in the set to help get you started, these cover everything from a small switch to a full digital LCD display. While a number of projects are suggested in the set, the only real limit to is your imagination.
This kit is designed as a starter kit for the Arduino microcontroller series. Arduino boards offer a large range of input and outputs to be used in a large array of projects where the only limit is your imagination. The board can be connected up to all manner of sensors and switches as well as screens and LEDs, this allows for projects from automated watering systems to advanced robotics.
If you require further details or assitance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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