Black USB Arcade Gamepad Set


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    1M Action
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  • Parts list:
    1 Arcade joystick
    1 Joystick knob
    8 30mm Arcade buttons
    2 24mm Arcade buttons
    13 2mm 2pin 20cm Push - XH2.54 Wire
    1 5pin 20cm XH2.54 - XH2.54 Wire
    1 4pin 1.5m XH2.54 - USB A Male Wire
  • Pin Pitch:
  • Soldering Points:
    Power switch
    +5V Outputs
    Pull up/down resistors
  • USB Powered:
  • Mounting Hole Size:
  • Mounting Dimensions:
  • Noted Onboard Components:
    4 Way micro-switch
  • Noted Mechanical:
    Panel mounting
    Spring centre return
This set is ideally suited to building your very own USB arcade style gamepad. Included are all the wire connections and components to allow a full range of 10 buttons and a 4 way joystick. As well as expansion for other buttons and advanced operations. These being the coveted TURBO and AUTO buttons. By having a fully open joystick encoder all manner of projects present themselves, from a old style arcade cabinet all the way through to a fully functioning airplane cockpit.
This arcade style joystick with a bright white ball knob is perfectly suited to an arcade cabinet. The joystick has a solid and smooth satisfying spring loaded action while being fitted with microswitches each rated for a million uses. The joystick is intended to be under panel mounted and comes with a dust cover. A a unit this will make an ideal addition to a MAME cabinet and really bring out that arcade styling and control.
The advanced buttons offer access to the TURBO and AUTO. TURBO being a state which sets a button to fire 12 times a second when that button is pressed. AUTO sets a button to automatically press 12 times a second. To set either of them you hold the TURBO/AUTO button and press the target button. The target will then be in that mode. To clear you simply hold the CLEAR button and the target. The MODE button allows toggling between the main joystick and HAT switch input, commonly used in flight simulators.
Finally the board allows modification and expansion to further tailor it to a particular setup. Soldering points are available to add pull up/down resistors to control as well as access to +5V power connections and a powerswitch.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding the set's use.

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